The fabrics of all societies are held together by networks of various kinds such as water and energy distribution, communication, Internet, and, perhaps, most importantly,  transportation. And, with the ongoing construction of private development and public transportation projects throughout the country, the demand for highly qualified, professional traffic engineers and transportation planners is rapidly increasing.

DJK Associates, Inc. (DJK) is a boutique, consulting engineering firm specializing in Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning. DJK specializes in Traffic Impact and Access Studies, Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), Traffic Signal Design, Expert Witness Testimony, and Approval/Permit Acquisitions.   

Dermot J. Kelly, PE, PTOE, and principal of the firm, continually provides personalized services and solutions to meet all of his clients' needs. He keeps abreast of the rapidly changing technology that impacts his practice and applies that knowledge to assist his clients in meeting all of their specific project requirements.




DJK Associates, Inc.
280 Main Street, Suite 204
North Reading, MA 


DJK incorporates state-of-the-art technology to address urban and rural transportation issues.

Dermot J. Kelly Associates, Inc.
Traffic Engineering/Transportation Planning


Providing personalized services and solutions to meet clients' needs.

DJK Associates, Inc.